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Denver Broncos Fans Want Tim Tebow Back

[Apr 29 2016 GMT]

The latest NFL news from nflcions that Denver Broncos fans want Tim Tebow back. Although the Broncos win the Super Bowl in February this year, the candidate of their starting quarterback for next season is still uncertain.

Currently Mark Sanchez is the only choice for the team, because he is the only eligible starting quarterback in the roster so far. The Broncos have expressed a transaction request for Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford, but fails at last. As a result, it is unknown on which quarterback Denver Broncos can get.

However, Broncos fans want Tim Tebow back so badly, they have started a petition. Tebow gradually stays away from the NFL stadium since he leaves the Broncos in 2012. It is reported that there are already more than 3600 fans signatures. In the end, welcome to buy the cheapest Madden NFL 16 Coins on