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DeSean Jackson Signed a New Contract

[Mar 10 2017 GMT]

DeSean Jackson found a new home in Tampa Bay. The Pirates have announced that they have signed with Jackson. Their contracted for a period of three years, valued at 33.5 million dollar, including 20 million dollar guaranteed income.

Signing Jackson will have a huge impact on their long pass. Jackson completed 56 times last season, scored 1005 yards and 4 touchdowns, each catching can advance 17.9 yards. But the Pirates need to worry about the success rate of catching. Jackson and Evans have a success rate of 50% to 60%. Although Winston got what he wanted, he had to make sure that they could play a role.

Fortunately, the Pirates do not have to worry about the speed of Jackson. The data show that last season Jackson actually even faster than that of the 2015 season.

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