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Dallas Mavericks Will Resign a Contract With Dirk

[Jun 26 2017 GMT]

According to 2kvc reported that the Dallas Mavericks have officially notified Dirk Nowitzki: they will refuse to implement the team option of next season. At the same time, they plan to sign a new contract with Dirk next month.

Last summer, Dirk and the Mavericks renewed a two-year $ 50 million contract, of which the second year is the team option. The Mavericks will re-sign a contract with Dirk next month, which is likely to be two-year.

Last week, Dirk had just spent his 39th birthday, and he was about to celebrate his 20th NBA season. Last season, the Mavericks started with 4 wins and 17 losses, while Dirk suffered achilles tendon injury. Even so, Dirk still completed a career total score of 3 million points.

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