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Dallas Cowboys Valued $ 4.2 Billion by Forbes

[Jul 14 2017 GMT]

Recently, among the most valuable sports clubs on the Forbes list, the Dallas Cowboys was valued $ 4.2 billion, and became the first club for the second consecutive year. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

The second place on the list became New York Yankee club which was the fourth last year, estimated 3.7 billion dollars, and the following three clubs are football clubs, in which Manchester United club estimated 3.69 billion US dollars, the Barcelona club estimated 3.64 billion US dollar, and the Real Madrid club estimated 3.58 billion dollars.

The following are: New York Knicks valued $ 3.4 billion, the New York Nicks valued $ 3.3 billion, the New York Giants valued $ 3.1 billion, the San Francisco 49 people valued $ 3 billion, and the Los Angeles Lakers valued $ 3 billion.

It is reported that the list was mainly measured based on the value the club completed last year, involving NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, football, Nascar, and F1.

            The average valuation of the clubs on the list was up to 2.5 billion US dollars, which has risen compared with last year's 2.2 billion US dollars.