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Dallas Cowboys Hope to Get Ezekiel Elliott

[Apr 27 2016 GMT]

According to which is a professional Madden NFL 16 Coins selling site, Dallas Cowboys recently express the wish to get Ezekiel Elliott.

However, the Cowboys do not want to select him with the No. 4 pick, instead they may use a low rank pick to choose the running back. It now seems likely that Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens hope to get higher pick, but the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says the team will retain the No. 4 pick.

In fact, if trade down, it means that the other team will get Elliott. Miami Dolphins may be the team that will choose Elliott, they are likely to lock the running back in the 13th place. Nflcoins think if Dallas Cowboys can not get Eliott, Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa is also a good choice.