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Curry signed NBA star to help double the market capitalization

[Jun 17 2016 GMT]

June 17, NBA Finals started Buy NBA 2k16 MT the sixth game, the defending champion Warriors can, not only concerned about the hundreds of millions of fans, but also affects the hearts of sponsors.

Currently, the Warriors star Stephen Curry headed Finals MVP is the most powerful competitors. Curry led the Warriors in the 2015/2016 season, breaking the NBA record number, which allow the "betting" Curry brought American sports brand Under Armour rewarding. Three years, the market value growth Dema nearly billions of dollars.

By the end of 2013, Dema price of about $ 5 million per year contract when the ankle injury Curry. Since then, Curry's career a dramatic transformation, became NBA superstar. Curry's success, but also for Dema great benefits.

According to foreign media reports, the second quarter of last year, the Warriors battle playoffs, Dema basketball shoe sales soared 754%. In early 2016, the company Dema market value was more than 20 billion US dollars, compared with ten billion US dollars by the end of 2013 doubled.

"Daily Economic News" reporter noted, Dema has surpassed Adidas to become the second in the North American market shoes and has begun targeting the Chinese market. But its main market is still the United States, the layout of the Chinese market is still relatively weak, with competitors Nike and Adidas in China market share gap is not small.

It has been to promote the sale of NBA 2k16 MT Coins all sports star endorsement brand conventional means of marketing. Dema three years ago, "betting" Curry, now seems undoubtedly rewarding. Curry is one of the NBA's hottest star. Over the past three years, won two regular season MVP, and the team won the 2015 NBA championship.