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Curry Said He Loves His Mother Very Much

[May 15 2017 GMT]

Yesterday was Mother' s Day, and the Warrior player Curry expressed the love of the mother.

Curry' s father, Dell Curry was an NBA player, and Curry' s mother, Sonya, was a college volleyball player. Curry said, everyone used to try to laugh, because his father was not known for defense, and the defense was the only reason his mother was famous, and he thought he was not being beaten by his defense, people wantonly, but he think he can do his job on the defensive end, and if he do not has his mother, he do not know what he will be.

Dell Curry often back and forth because of the NBA game, Stephen Curry, his brother Seth Curry and his sister Sydeland mother spent most of his childhood. Curry' s mother Sonya is the eldest daughter of her family, Curry himself is the eldest son of the family. Sonya said, this is in common to resonate with her, and she believe in this kind of leadership and the sense of responsibility as the eldest son, because Stephen is still a child, he also felt the brothers and sisters and set an example.

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