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Curitiba even cut 8 points for the warriors continued life

[Dec 12 2016 GMT]

The warriors played back-to-back wolves today, the game is still progress is not smooth, Curitiba state in general, data on hand over 22 points and 4 rebounds and 9 assists, but the final 116-108 victory over the warriors.

The library does not attack? Even cut 8 points for Buy NBA 2K17 MT the warriors continued life quiet! Sell adorable let the audience shut up.

Yesterday a war against the Grizzlies, curry 14 vote in only 4 of the doldrums. The Warriors also swallow defeat, after all the curry also admits the team performance is very bad, the next game is to be improved.

Soon, the game offered the chance, but the warriors didn't look much better than yesterday's status. No desire to attack what curry today, the wolves in his defense is quite awesome, double moment. In this case, Curitiba efforts to mobilize teammates, again sent the ball to the first day of his assists to reach 5 times.

But the warriors can not keep the lead, they are from time to time by the forest wolf. This need to stand up score curitiba. But in the second quarter only curry in the basket of 2 shots, hit 1 balls, this contribution is not enough for the warrior.

Seeing the wolves in the second half and finally stand up from the potential pool outside, even in the 2 record three points, then, he is to kill the basket, the basket is in the process of Rubio holding, two free throws, scored 8 points in one breath! If the status is adjusted, Curitiba in a short period of NBA 2K17 MT time the force of the explosion is still super active score.

However, this scoring spurt is too small, when the forest wolf again teamed with Curitiba, teammates can not stand out on the offensive end. Especially Durant, section third only 2 points per game, very low.