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Cross is one of the most low key players

[Jan 03 2017 GMT]

In the Real Madrid team, she is one of Fifa Coins the most key players. But on twitter, but a high-profile cross yesterday. In 2016 the last tweet, and snide satire cross Brazil team a.

Cross's Twitter, there's only one line. In addition to Spanish "happy" and the number 20, is the Brazil and the German flag. The meaning of this tweet at a glance, Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semi-final home 1 to 7 lost to germany. In this tweet, Brazil and the German flag represent the numbers 1 and 7, cross this way blessing friends happy 2017 "".

Cross may be trying to make a joke, but more than 7 in the war of 1 after two and a half years and exposing the Brazilian scar, the German midfielder is somewhat unkind. And after the 2014 World Cup, the German team's performance can only be used to describe just passable. In the 2016 European Cup, the German team in the semi-final with broken halberds defeat.

The famous 7 - 1 of the war, Marcello was playing for Brazil, remind users cross "Beware of Marcello kill the door". In the Real Madrid team, in addition to Marcello, Casey Milo, Cross at the Brazil Jie scar, are not conducive to Buy FIFA 17 Coins Real Madrid team unity.