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Cristiano Ronaldo Confidently Named 4 Big Competitors

[Jul 25 2017 GMT]

In an interview with ESPN, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked, "What players are driving you to better yourself," and the Portuguese mentioned four names. More information is on where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Ronaldo said that this is a very good question, but it is difficult to say a name, and to his present level, like F1 or NBA, the best players always follow the best players. They want to be the best, because the other players are there, they can’t sleep or rest, because the others will go beyond them.

Ronaldo also said that they will certainly compete with other people, with Nemal, Messi, Levandovsky, as well as Higuain, and those who are the world's best players, but this is not 'competition'. It is difficult, but also very healthy, competition is a healthy relationship, and they fight to become the best player in the world. This is Ronaldo’s motivation, better than everyone else, every year so.

Ronaldo also talked about the importance of the family. He talked with Lin Rongfu before, who is the owner of Valencia, and said to him that they have a lot of money, they are famous, but the most important thing is Family, to ensure that your family are healthy, take care of them, because this is the world 's most important thing.