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Conley Partner with Harden

[Jun 16 2016 GMT]

This summer, looking for a new point guard to help Harden to reduce pressure is still one of the focuses of the Rocket. This time, their target is the Grizzlies Conley.

Last summer, Morey got Ty Lawson such an all-star point guard, but the fact was proved later that Lawson was unable to integrate into the Rocket system, and his style was also completely dissonant with Harden's. While Conley, since entering the league in 2007, he became the Grizzlies master control by virtue of his own efforts. This season, plagued by injuries, Conley's data fell slightly, but still averaged 15.3 points and 6.1 assists.

Conley has very good ball-handling skills, at the same time, he can also run off the ball. Such qualities match Harden quite well. In the future, as long as D'Antoni can develop clear offensive tactics for the two, the formation of a tacit understanding between them is entirely possible.

Of course, at this stage, how to get Conley is the Rockets' priority consideration as the Grizzlies have the slightest idea of letting go of Conley. And in the market, in addition to the Rockets, Knicks and Spurs have also launched a campaign for Conley. By the way, sells the best NBA 2K MT. You can have a try.