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Comprehensive analysis of obi equipment deposit account the impact of the warehouse

[Aug 14 2015 GMT]

Under the deep level 50 items can be saved to the account inside the warehouse. The abyss of original use props can also be placed into the account in the warehouse, so small role can share to use. Discount code to buy Aion Gold for saving your money from

AION official in the BBS is also put forward many ideas content between players. After pit prop change for Shared use, for the game the actual impact is huge. Some players said said "any main role if buy some senior property transferred to the small role, using PVP balance in the lower level in the game of these areas is also will be destroyed."

Can think of is that lower level players to upgrade difficult problem. Many high-level players if bought advanced props to trumpet role of use cases, can get 6 magic stone empty slot and more practical benefits. The same account other roles also can get more benefits. Properties of mobile phone is more easier. The role of high-grade dred ji weng and relics can use the deep exchange integral point. Intermediary exchange to buy silver legion of merit and gold legion of merit can be configured in the period of time the commander suit props. The problem is gold MEDALS can be traded.