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Comments on the second Week Preseason of the Houston Texans

[Aug 22 2017 GMT]

     On Sunday, Houston Texans played against the New England Patriots in the first home match in the new season. Although it was only a training preseason, the outcome can’t be predicted when the game last to the last minute. Finally, the Texans kept the lead in the side of the red area, and won with 27-23. In the game, the Texans had players who have outstanding performance at both the offensive end and the defensive end.

    1. Wide Receiver: Bruce Ellington

    Bruce Ellington just joined the team last week, and had a good performance in the first game. In the absence of Hopkins, Fuller and other main players, Ellington will have the ability to take the lead.

    2. Quarterback: Tom Savage

    As the starting quarterback in the team, Savage had a stable performance, and efficiently led the attack. In the face of attack from other players, he shot three times to complete the pass, and got a total of 20 yards and a touchdown. In this game, Savage, wide receiver J.Strong, B.Ellintong, and tight end Stephen Anderson had a very wonderful connection.

    3. Running Back: D'Onta Foreman

    Foreman had a promotion of large number of yards in the recent two preseasons. It can be expected that the problem of low offensive efficiency in the red side can be well solved.

    4. Defensive end: Ufomba Kamalu

    Kamalu completed 26 times punch, 1 sack, and also contributed 3 times grappling. In addition, he stopped the Patriots’ in the front of the end side, helping the team to keep the victory.

    5. Outside Linebacker: Tony Washington Jr.

    On the left side of the defensive line, Washington was equally outstanding in the rush. In addition, he also successfully disintegrated a patriots’ screen short pass attack.

    6. Defensive end: J.J.Watt

    Even though Watt played in only three games, he was ranked 35th on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017.

    The next two days, Texans will start a new week for training in Houston, and then will go to New Orleans to practice with the Saints.

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