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Coach sampaoli become the number one target

[Mar 30 2017 GMT]

After Argentina lost to Bolivia, Bauza's statement did not bother to Fifa Coins discuss about the move outside. But now, the Argentina football association seems to have a big move. Argentina Football Association official said today that they are considering the Argentina coach candidates.

The exposure to the Argentina Football Association once again become the number one target coach sampaoli Huanshuai

President of the Argentina Football Association Management Committee, is also the chairman of Argentina veteran team Funisulanus. In an interview with local radio, Russell said: "coaching we must decide whether to continue as head coach Bauza. There are some very suitable candidates, such as Simonyi and sancho."

In the summer of last year's Copa America, Martino resigned from the post of coach of Argentina, Bawusa office. In the 8 World Cup, Bauza led the team played 3 wins 2 flat 3 negative mediocre record, Argentina currently only in the South American Zone Fifth, yesterday even lost to the 13 round with only 7 points in Bolivia. Whether Messi will be able to play or not, Argentina is playing in disorder, which is the reason why people can not see the hope.