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Cleveland Browns will Cut Johnny Manziel

[Feb 03 2016 GMT]

The latest NFL news from that Cleveland Browns will cut quarterback Johnny Manziel on March 9. According to league rules, the earliest time for Browns to cut Manziel is next week.

Browns have left 20 million dollars salary-cap space in 2015, and they can use the salary cap space in 2016. As Manziel's contract has guaranteed income, Browns need space to absorb the cap influence in 2015. But they fail to have enough space, they have to cut Manziel after the league year starts.

Manziel is involved in a series of incidents. He receives 10 weeks of alcohol treatment last year and becomes the bench player after he takes part in a party. Besides, he is fined due to absence of scheduled medical treatment last month. In addtion, he is reported to assault a female. These bad behaviors lead to his failure.

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