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Cleric professional analysis on Vipaionkinah

[Apr 22 2016 GMT]

In the battle fortress, usually as a rear for the comrades in the army to restore physical task. In order to improve the treatment effect, Cleric must be equipped with cloth with high spirit of armor, so often become the number one target Assassin. In addition, in order to occupy the fort, the patron saint of must beat a strong will, so to Cleric and in surprise (Raid) is also very popular.

Is not suitable for this kind of style of player. Of course, don't like treatment role players don't choose to Cleric! This profession also don't like in the world of warcraft, can damage. (depending on the equipment features) to Cleric the healing power of each has its own characteristics, but compared with other professions, single player ability is relatively weak. Cleric to survive in the eternal tower, select treatment for others and by others would be wise to add as a friend.

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