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Cleric form of all kinds of games

[Apr 21 2016 GMT]

Single: Cleric single-player comparison difficult. But not completely impossible, equipped with a chain with shields and armor, war clubs, can also enjoy single-player like Chanter. But even so, hunting speed is still unsatisfactory, and only the reasonable distribution of magic, melee attacks and treatment, to ensure the safety of hunting. If can have a companion of meat shield type, hunting will greatly improve the efficiency.

Star team/forces: The Cleric is the critical role of the team. Due to the particularity of Cleric healing power, even if its level is relatively low, also can join a team level is relatively high, enjoy the pleasure of hunting party. Can produce in a team, usually with complementary benefits of Chanter teamed up, thus further consolidating its position as the main treatment. Because the Cleric is the indispensable part in a team, so characters are usually very popular, often will receive others request confidences team.

The PvP/fortress: in the case of 1:1, cure stars tend to show a strong side. Although Cleric strain capacity is not strong, there is nothing is able to suppress the hypnotic skills or powerful, but cure star, the biggest advantage is able to use to heal skill, eventually adhere to their win at that moment.

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