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Clay Matthews Thinks Overtime Rules Should Be Revise

[Jan 18 2016 GMT]

Green Bay Packers failed to make a miracle, they lost to Arizona Cardinals in the final overtime at last. As the Cardinals guessed the right coin, they completed the touchdown in the first offensive to win the victory which leads to no opportunity for the Packers to launch an offensive.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews talked about the overtime rules after the match, he thought that they ought to use the rules of University and they should attack from 25 yards or elsewhere. It was bad to get no attack opportunities, but they had to play by the current rules. They had a chance to stop the opponents, but in the end failing to do it.

Despite some dissatisfaction with the rules, Matthews admitted that he was not happy about a coin decides the game, but he would not complain if the result of coin toss was not the same. Julius Peppers said that the rules were the rules, and they should play according to the rules. In the end, welcome to buy the cheapest Madden NFL 16 Coins on