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Cincinnati Bengals Signed a New Wide Receiver

[Mar 31 2016 GMT]

Lost two wide receivers in the free agent market, Cincinnati Bengals have signed a a receiver who catched the ball more than 70 times in single-season.

Nflcoins reported that the Tigers signed wide receiver Brandon LaFell. LaFell was fired last month by the New England Patriots. He had a poor performance last season when he played for the Patriots, completed only 37 catches and 515 yards. Despite the poor performance last season, he has made 74 catches, 953 yards and 7 touchdowns in previous seasons.

After Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are poached by big contract from other teams, the Tigers needed to find a partner for A.J. Green. Tigers pray that the LaFell they got is the LaFell in 2014 season, which was his best season in the six-year career.

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