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Chris Paul is an Excellent Leader

[Jun 12 2017 GMT]

As we all known,Paul plays point guard exclusively and prefers playing in the half court versus playing up-tempo. He creates scoring opportunities by constantly changing speeds, is noted for his consistently high assist to turnover ratio in the NBA.

Chris Paul has the ability to turn any team into a competitor. In video games, this can only be reflected by his passes and steals,  but Paul only makes any team do better. Paul is a fierce leader and a great basketball player who studies other teams and he knows the way they will choose, just by their position on the court.

Since the beginning of 2K, game creators have attempted to have attributes such as offensive and defensive awareness, but when your team fails to score that crucial basket or defense, they are all flat. When Paul is on the court, it might be a good way to introduce this function to other people for better offense and defense. It may not be fair or perfect, but it' s a start.

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