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Chooing Motiejunas Not Jones

[Jul 01 2016 GMT]

Houston Rockets decided not to offer for forward Terrence Jones, which makes him an unrestricted free agent. Meanwhile, the Rockets will provide a qualification contract worth $ 3.4 million dollars for Motiejunas and he will become a restricted free agent.

Either way, Terence Jones' career in the Rockets seems to be over. In the past two seasons, as a starter, Jones was disappointing. Continuous injuries and being blowed by Aldridge in the playoffs completely undermined his confidence.While Motiejunas is a modern NBA big man. He is 7 feet tall and can shoot at the periphery. More importantly, he is an above-average passer. There are much more reasons for the Rockets to welcome his return next season.

Motiejunas may choose to sign with the Rockets, then to become an unrestricted free agent next season. Or he can sign a contract for longer time and higher salary with another team. The Rockets can choose to match. You don't need to worry about it. There is one thing thing you can do: Buy NBA 2K MT on