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Chip Kelly Sacked by Philadelphia Eagles

[Dec 30 2015 GMT]

According to the latest NFL news, Chip Kelly is sacked by Philadelphia Eagles. As some problems appear in the team, the Eagles decide to fire the head coach in order to make changes.

Kelly has led the Eagles to win ten matches in the latest two seasons. When he coaches the Eagles, the quarterbacks make great achievements. But Kelly fails to lead the team to get good records this season and they get 6 wins and 9 losses. Some problems lead to Kelly's dismissal. First, he bought some new players this season but they do not integrate into the team.

Besides, Kelly rarely changes the tactics this season which make the opponents know their weakness easily. In addition, he should be responsible for the offensive players who make many mistakes in the game. Maybe it is a good time to fire Kelly because the Eagles can have enough time to find a new coach and Kelly also can look for a new club.

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