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Chinese and Indian Championships Will Not In FIFA 18

[Jul 06 2017 GMT]

There will be no Chinese or Indian championships in FIFA 18, but the choice is still very wide: going from the Serie A to the Saudi tournament.

In September the new FIFA will be real. Pending the demo, the 18th edition of the world's best selling football game continues to unravel. Cristiano Ronaldo on cover, icons / legends on PS4, more real and continuous movements of 'The Journey' mode with Alex Hunter. But what are the teams in FIFA 18?

It's a few days ago the news that no new, exotic championships will be added in FIFA 18, not for the Chinese and Indian teams for time, as claimed by Sam Rivera, lead gameplay producer at EA Sports. But fans will be able to play with teams of so many world championships, with a huge selection of tops and hidden gems to discover.

Present all the teams of the Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Argentine, US and Russian championships, as well as the Saudi, Norwegian and Chilean championships. In short, a choice for everyone, waiting to include, in FIFA 19, the Chinese, Indian and who knows, emirate tournament. Let's look forward FIFA 18, and we will offer you the Cheap FIFA 18 Coins at