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Chinese Zhou Qi landing NBA players or memory variable

[Jul 12 2016 GMT]

NBA Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has received notice from Buy NBA 2k16 MT the Chinese player Zhou Qi broker, Zhou Qi this year will not be able to play the Rockets. This also means that from the current situation, the possibility to play in the NBA this year, Zhou Qi has been very slim.

Rockets select Zhou Qi action, he gave a lot of Chinese fans excited. Because of Yao Ming in the Rockets very successful career, Zhou Qi undoubtedly have the opportunity to become his successor. 20 years old, he signed on in 2014, Xinjiang team to become a professional player, and in his rookie season to get the league's top rookie award, averaging 14.1 points, seven rebounds and 3.3 blocked shots. So Zhou Qi campaign next season can not NBA, but remain in Xinjiang effect, this is because Xinjiang team let them go? Rockets still not We?

In this regard, Zhang basketball senior media people think that Zhou Qi and Xinjiang team contract has not ended, Xinjiang, the right to decide whether or not to release. Overall, the Chinese players landed nba, people placed although the good wishes, hoping to step Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian's footsteps, there are more players in. But still have to go step by step, we can not be hurried.

Relevant information mentioned, Xinjiang team and Zhou Qi brokerage team has agreed that if a first-round pick is selected, the release will be easier. If the second round, it may be more difficult. If the information is true, the two sides is such a convention. According to Zhou Qi expressed brokerage team, did not think Zhou Qi was not selected in the first round, turned out to be more optimistic.

Tenke Pinchas Abramovich in this Cup, Zhou Qi's performance can be described as rather depressed, also criticized coach Gong Luming had such physical and mental state may also be one of the reasons he was not the NBA final. Zhou Qi, our expectation is certainly a little higher, but the current physical state of mind, it also need to adjust the time. In fact, he is now subject to interference from other factors, unstable state of mind, he hopes through training and competition can be integrated into the team, the immediate thing to do.

Zhou Qi in the second round of NBA 2k16 MT Coins this year's NBA Draft 43rd overall by the Rockets selected, but he did not participate in the summer league rockets, rocket fan forum site also was revealed, Zhou Qi is likely to continue to stay in China to play one or two years, not immediately to the rockets.