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Celtics Is Ready to Buy Hayward

[Oct 13 2016 GMT]

Celtics is ready to buy Utah Jazz star Hayward. Hayward has the right to jump out of the contract in the summer of 2017. Celtics may offer a maximum salary contract for him.

26-year-old Hayward's contract and Jazz expires in two years, but he has the right to jump out of the contract in the summer of 2017 to become a free agent. In today's wage inflation era, Hayward will certainly require a maximum salary contract, which is not a problem for the Celtics. 2017-18 season their salary cap is expected to break 100 million US dollars. When Amir Johnson and Jerebko expire, the Celtics will have close to 65 million US dollars of wage space to meet Hayward's wage requirement.

In addition to the advantages of wage, Celtics also has a convenient condition, that is, the team coach and Hayward's relationship is very good. His six seasons of NBA career were in the jazz. Last season heaveraged got 19.7 points, 5 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

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