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Cavaliers and JR Smith Has Not Reached a Contract

[Oct 08 2016 GMT]

According to 2kvc reported that the defending champion Cavaliers and their free agent JR Smith still has not reached a contract extension. On JR's annual salary, they have 400 million-500 million dollar's difference.

This summer, JR jumped out of the contract and became an unrestricted free agent. Taking into account his importance in Cavaliers and the NBA free agent market, JR hopes to get a $15 million annual salary of the multi-year contract. But Cavaliers' total salary hit a new high, this figure is clearly high, so the two sides have yet to reach an agreement.

The Cavaliers offered JR a contract with an annual salary of $10 million to $11 million, and they insisted they would not increase. Although the Cavaliers and JR want to be able to complete the contract, according to the current situation, the negotiations impasse may continue until the start of the regular season.

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