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Carson Wentz is Recovering from Career Slump

[Oct 13 2017 GMT]

Duo to exceptional performance in Madden game, Carson Wentz, a young and promising quarterback who belonged to Philadelphia Eagles won the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, which was the highest honor for an FCS player. Since then, he becomes a celebrity. It’s this particular honor made him renowned all over the world. In recent years, he has created a big community for himself. And now, he is always the one who attracts a lot of attention from the crowd.


In the first rookie season, he made big achievements by winning 4 matches out of six. And except for Andrew Luck, who thrown more than 20 passes than him, no one can compete against him. Since the years of 2000, Wentz's Pass NEP of 40.25 also puts him in some elite company. But in the recent matches, his situation seems not optimistic as before. He only won three matches in the game because of poor offensive efficiency. This disappointed result made Carson Wentz realize that there are still a lot for him to learn. Thus, professional QB Adam Dedeaux becomes his first one he study from. As Dedeaux has been one of his favorites QB from many years. He said in a press conference: “I think by learning from superior one is a best method for me to improve myself. He has so many followers those years and lots of them learn real skills from him, so, I believe I’m not an exception. Besides, he is the one who likes to help others in the game.” “After getting guidance from Dedeaux, it’s obvious that my skills have been improved a lot and I can play more smoothly. Unlike last year, I could analyze what are the important parts before starting the game” Wentz said later.


Besides the efforts made by Wentz himself, his team, the Eagles, also take some steps to help him right now. For example, they strengthen their wide-receiver team during offseason.


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