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Carolina Panthers Increased Ticket Prices

[Feb 19 2016 GMT]

The rising of ticket prices is a reflection of the success of an NFL team, and all this happened in the Carolina Panthers, which is team favored by the super star Stephan Curry.

US time on Thursday, the Panthers packed an update of the ticket prices. According to where you can the cheapest and fastest NFL coins, two-thirds of the price will be increased, ranging from 5-12 dollars.The team fares are in the range of 45-195 dollars. It's not particularly expensive, especially for a team which entered Super Bowl and hasnot suffered failing home court. The fare is acceptable.

According to the average price of 2015 season, 78.82 dollars, the Panthers ticket price ranked the 22nd in the 32 teams in the league . Taking into account the Panthers' 15 wins and 1 loss last season, and geeting into the Super Bowl, the ticket is certainly worth it.