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Carolina Panthers Cut Brandon Boykin

[May 17 2016 GMT]

The latest NFL news from where sell the cheapest Madden NFL 16 Coins that Carolina Panthers cut Brandon Boykin this Monday. The Panthers signed the cornerback this March with one year contract, but the latter does not stay too long in the Panthers.

Boykin served as a cornerback at Philadelphia Eagles for serveal seasons and had stable performance. But he only had one appearance as a starter at Pittsburgh Steelers. He also did not get many opportunites to compete for the starting position in the Panthers. It is surprising that Panthers released Boykin less than two months. Now Boykin needed to find the fourth team in less than one year.

Currently, Panthers' cornerback lineup is not satisfactory, some players suffer injuries, some have poor performances last season and some lack of NFL experience. The head coach Ron Rivera reveals the team has no plan to introduce veteran cornerback. It seems that Panthers lay hope on young players next season.