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Carlos Hyde Needs to Compete for the Starting Position of the New season

[Jul 12 2017 GMT]

    Carlos Hyde is a very talented player in the San Francisco 49 players, and he is also able to bring his own running back talent to the players on the track. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    But Hyde was suffering from injuries in the past few seasons of the 49ers, and last season he missed three games because of the injury, and for the past three seasons he has missed a total of 14 games.

    The team will be under the leadership of the new coach Kyle - Shahainah (Kyle Shanahan) in the new season. It seems that Hyde's starting position is no longer stable. ESPN reporter pointed out that "in the new season, a lot of players in 49ers have determined the starting position, but it seems that Hyde is not in the column.

    In fact, all this is not surprising, the team chose the rookie running back Joe - Williams (Joe Williams) in the offseason.

    However, Hyde is only 26 years old, and in next season he will become a free agent. He certainly wants to become the core of the new season offensive system. Then he needs to work hard.