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Can Baldwin Play against Rams

[Dec 25 2015 GMT]

The Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin is the one of the most popular wide receivers during the past one month. But he encountered a hamstring injury this week. The main coach Pete Carroll said that whether he could play would be decided before the game against St. Louis Rams.

According to, Carroll thought Baldwin would be okay and he would increase the amount of his training tomorrow. Baldwin felt quite good, but it still had to wait until the beginning of the game. Last week, during the game against Cleveland Browns, Baldwin got 2 touchdowns and was included in the list of injuries by the team on last Wednesday.

Baldwin has reached 10 touchdowns in the last 4 games, which makes him the player who did this great job except Jerry Rice. If Baldwin can not play, the rookie will get more chances. At last, please click here to buy cheap NFL coins.