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Caleb Sturgis Got a New Contract

[Sep 09 2016 GMT]

Kicker Caleb Sturgis has fighted for his position July and August. Finally, he won the starting. The team also decided to renew his contract for one year. Philadelphia Eagles announced to extended Sturgis' contract for one year.

Sturgis played his debut in the Miami Dolphins, where he proved that he can play in any environment. But he was injured when played soccer game. Then he was fired dolphins. The Eagles signed Sturgis. Last season, he played 13 games and completed 18 times' shooting. He tried to complete the additional points 37 times and finished 35 times.

Before the second week of the preseason, Sturgis suffered concussion and subsequently missed the team competition. Fortunately, the injury did not ruin his career in Eagles.

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