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CCTV average ratings over the NBA Finals

[Jun 16 2016 GMT]

According to Buy NBA 2k16 MT Yu Tang sports reports, recent men's basketball warm-up match, the ratings gains across the board all the way. From May 6 to play four games men's basketball warm-up match on June 8, the average ratings in the CCTV reached 0.54%, even higher than the ongoing NBA playoff finals.

Japan and Australia where the May 6 Basketball Tournament opener, rating was 0.521%; the second war May 8, the rating was 0.506%; third war May 10, the rating was 0.504%; and 6 Sino-US March 8 Tournament opener, the ratings break 0.6% mark, reaching 0.613 percent.

In contrast to the ratings CCTV5, the average ratings of the four Chinese men's basketball warm-up match has reached 0.54%, higher than the NBA playoff finals carried over the same period. The playoff average ratings of the same period was 0.5%, while the 2015-16 season, the CBA, the average rating was 0.42%. As for the NBL, rating was 0.25%. In other words, the average ratings of 4 men's basketball warm-up match, is more than twice the NBL.

Taking into NBA 2k16 MT Coins account the upcoming Olympic Games, the men's basketball fans doubly concerned, it is also expected. Zhou Qi will travel to participate in NBA draft, but also for the men's basketball warm-up match increased attention.