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C Ronaldo won the Portuguese annual award

[Mar 21 2017 GMT]

At the end of last weekend's League, the international players to return home. In Lisbon, C Ronaldo received a belated award, he received a 2016 year Portuguese player of Fifa Coins the year award.

In 2016, C Ronaldo became the top four. In the national team, C Ronaldo team won the European Cup, this is the first one in the history of the Portuguese Championship trophy. In Real Madrid, C Ronaldo led the team to win the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and club world cup. In the Portuguese player of the year award, C Ronaldo win no dispute.

At the ceremony, C Ronaldo first thanked his teammates: "I would like to thank Real Madrid and Portugal's teammates, without them, I can not win these trophies."

For 2016, C Ronaldo left a lot of good memories: "in terms of professional or personal perspective, this is an incredible year. In the European Cup, we are not favourites to win, but the popular does not mean to win. Want to continue, we have to continue to work hard and focus."

In addition to C Ronaldo, Portugal has a few people have been rewarded. Pepe and Bruno - the best international player of the year in the year of the year, was named coach of the year for the year, with - Alves. All this is obviously from Portugal won the European cup.