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C Ronaldo won the Club World Cup Golden Globe

[Dec 19 2016 GMT]

"The Golden Globe Award is C Ronaldo, Real Madrid God is C Ronaldo, after the World Cup final victory over Real Madrid 4-2 Kashima antlers, this is not an easy game for 90 minutes, drew 2-2, was nearly juesha. Overtime C Ronaldo took over the game, scored two victory. Staged hat trick C Luo, became the World Cup finals after the restructuring of the first in the history of cap Dai, also successfully received the World Cup Golden Globe award! C Ronaldo intercontinental goal number, but also beyond Messi. Fans are feeling, C Luo this war, reminiscent of Fifa Coins Bailey in the history of the greatest individual performances".

Objectively speaking, C Ronaldo state is not ideal. Continuous bicycle fault, break through many failures. Fifty-eighth minutes, C Ronaldo Vasquez to create a penalty kick overnight, surgeon. This penalty, means C Ronaldo in Real Madrid have scored 5 Finals: Champions League final, UEFA Super Cup final, the King Cup final, the Spanish Super Cup finals, world cup finals.

Is the difference between ordinary players and top stars, even the poor state, will seize the opportunity to star transient, change competition situation. 90 minutes of 2-2, inspired C Luo fighting instincts. Ninety-eighth minutes, Benzema exquisite straight plug, positioning and defender C Ronaldo in parallel, great advantages of Buy FIFA 17 Coins reaction and smell, tui pole net. The so-called superstar, this moment reflects the decisive.