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C Ronaldo will be home for the first time

[Mar 28 2017 GMT]

Portugal arrived at C Ronaldo's hometown of Madeira, where they will have a friendly with sweden. "For the people of Madeira, this game will be a gift." For C Ronaldo, this is the first time to play in front of the home crowd.

Portugal will play a warm-up match with the Swedish national team at the Barre Ross stadium in Madeira, capital of Funchal. The Portuguese national team has not played 16 years in Madeira, last February 28, 2001, Portugal in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers 3-0 win over Andorra, playing football at the age of 16, C Luo in Lisbon sports U19.

Madeira, "the Atlantic pearl" reputation, it is subordinate to Portugal, is located in the west coast of Africa, flying from Lisbon to Fifa Coins Funchal takes 1 hours and 13 minutes. For the Portuguese team, the Madeira home court as away as fatigued by a long journey. In addition to such arrangements because of the renovation of the Barre Ross stadium, the Portuguese Football Association President Fernando - the commitment of the outside of the Portuguese football glory C is undoubtedly the key to the success of the.

The Portuguese Football Federation President Fernando - Gomes said, "we know that they gave us unconditional support and they give love and respect our captain C Ronaldo, because he can always fight together for the first time on behalf of the national team and his compatriots. This return will undoubtedly be the happiest moment between Madeira and portugal."

For C Ronaldo, the significance of such a friendly match is doomed to be different, this is his 13 year national team for the first time in his hometown to play for portugal. From August 20, 2003 against Kazakhstan, C Ronaldo played the national team debut, has scored 70 goals for the Portuguese team scored the 137. In fact, 17 years ago, C Luo had the opportunity to debut in Madeira.