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C Ronaldo said I made the best one

[Jan 11 2017 GMT]

After winning the Buy NBA 2K17 MT World Player of the year award, C Ronaldo said he had always dreamed of being the best, and now he has done it.

In the competition with Messi, C Ronaldo again had the last laugh, FIFA named the FIFA World Player of the year award by the Portuguese in the bag, it can be said that the past year of C Ronaldo is an illusion.

"I dream of being the best, and now I've done it," C said at the awards ceremony. "It was the best year of my career. With Portugal to win the European Cup, this is my career high light moment."

For those who criticized the sound, Real Madrid 7 that he received individual awards and collective honor is the most convincing thing.

"I've been part of the history of football and I have no doubt about it," C continued. It was a privilege to be elected the best, and to be the first person to eat crabs."

"As you can see, on the sidelines of the European Cup final, I got so nervous, photos can best illustrate the problem. It was a glorious day."

Talking about the beginning of 2017, C Ronaldo is still full of fighting spirit, he is eager to win more with real madrid.

"There are a lot of NBA 2K17 MT challenges ahead and we have a lot of champions to win and I want to score a lot of goals," concluded C.