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C Ronaldo is likley to Be A Movie Star

[Feb 24 2016 GMT]

According to the latest FIFA news, C Ronaldo in an interview recently talked about the possibility of his foray into film: "Why not? Although this is not my immediate goal, I received similar invitations. It's very difficult to arrange these things according to present schedule. But I will not deny any possibility. I love the movie industry."

Ronaldo has also revealed the goal of his life: "I hope the name Cristiano Ronaldo will be everlasting. Then my children can carry it forward. This is my main goal. I can use the fingers to count the peak period, five or six, seven or eight, nine, ten...... I think to maintain such a high level is a kind of honor." At the same time, C Ronaldo has been familiar with the life exposed to the spotlight. It is ok for him to deal with movie problems.

We, the most professional site selling cheaper and faster FIFA coins, believes as long as C Ronaldo makes his mind to be a movie star, he will do it, for he is C Ronaldo, glamorous, the most famous football star all over the world. What's your opinion? Share us with your predictions.