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C Ronaldo IFFHS the year top scorer in the top roller

[Dec 30 2016 GMT]

Three Ronaldo in the football world renowned, the three peak is the best, is the Golden Globe winner, in the opinion of the Swedish madman Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho is a genius, C Ronaldo is out of Fifa Coins practice.

Ronaldo, is the earliest we know the alien Ronaldo, was Ibrahimovic's childhood idol. In an interview with Brazil's ESPN, Ronaldo is the one and only Ibrahimovic praised: "Ronaldo is the kind of natural genius, he was born to be like that, instead of training do. Such a player can not be cultivated, is born, so he is unique."

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho worked together to lead the Brazil team to win the world cup, Ronaldo Ronaldinho had Megatron arena. Ronaldinho left Barcelona peaked after joining AC Milan, and Ibrahimovic were teammates. Ibrahimovic said to him, "when he runs, his hair gets very messy. If he wants to, he can be very quick to take the land, the people around him like a child."

The most famous Ronaldo is playing for Real Madrid C Ronaldo, he and Messi and twins, has just won the Golden Globe Award, this summer also rate the Portuguese team won the European cup. In the view of Ibrahimovic, C Ronaldo and Ronaldinho Ronaldo and not the same: "Cristiano, because he is a lot of training results, and two other people are not the same, he is a born genius."

Ibrahimovic on Buy FIFA Coins, this evaluation is not to belittle him, after all, C Ronaldo has experienced the pain of growth period, and the Premier League has been at Manchester United fans, media and even his teammates run. But his character is tough, pressure is not defeated by him, and beyond the ordinary can withstand hard training, step by step, made the Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champions League and European Cup champions.