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Buy NBA 2K 18 MT For Upcoming New Version

[Aug 04 2017 GMT]

NBA 2K18 is one of basketball sports competition games, developed by 2K Sports. NBA 2K18 cover star of the legendary version will be Shaquille O'Neal, who won 4 NBA championship and 3 finals MVP legendary. The legendary cover is his dunk photo during the Heat, while the legendary gold version is his dunk in the Lakers.

2K Games released the first official screenshots of the NBA 2K18, featuring Paul George, Demar Derozan and Isaiah Thomas. As the most popular basketball game, the star players' abilities in latest version is the most concerned by players and gamers. In the upcoming NBA 2K18, there have been eight players' abilities displayed in advance. Paul George and Carl Anthony Downs have reached 91, the cover character Kyrie Irving was 90, while Embiid's ability value is only 86.

After George and Irving, there were three players with the ability reaching 89, the three were Lillard, Isaiah Thomas and DeRozan. They did well in the last season, but they still can not squeeze into the 90 points of the mark, we can see the 2K ability value rating is very harsh. For young players, the ability of Embiid and Devin Booker have also been disclosed, both of which were 86. Embiid was dissatisfied with this score, claiming that the new season he must enter the 90 points mark. While Booker's ability rose from 78 last year to 86.

As we all know, the ability value of 90 + is at the peak of the superstars, who are the league's most popular team core players. In last year's NBA 2K17, only 11 players' abilities were more than 90, and now, Irving, George and Downs broke the 90 points mark, which also indirectly explained their ability to be underestimated.

So we just need to wait for the new edition and stock NBA 2K 18 MT to make early preparation.