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Buffalo Bills Announced Rex Ryan Will Stay

[Dec 31 2015 GMT]

Buffalo Bills officially announced that Rex Ryan will stay next season. Although the head coach Ryan does not achieve success in the first season, the club still intend to give him more time.

Ryan joins Buffalo Bills in January, 2015 with a three-year contract. His last head coaching job is in New Yord Jets, Bills are the second club for him to work as a head coach. But Ryan does not get good records this season because the Bills only gets seven wins and eight losses this season. If they can beat New Yord Jets in nest game, they can reach half of the winning rate.

In fact, the Bills are setting hopes on Ryan, the club want to become the top defensive team to impact the playoffs. But Ryan fails to do that and the team's performances are worse than last season. But he makes good decisions in the offensive end. He signs Tyrod Taylor in March, 2015 and Taylor brings a lot of help to the team. As there are more challenge for the Bills next season, Ryan need to make progress in order to stay.

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