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Buffalo Bill Fires Mario Williams

[Mar 02 2016 GMT]

It is so sad to hear that Mario Williams in buffalo's career is ended. Bill announces that they have cut this traditional player. The decision isn't beyond expection. Last season Williams' performance declines. He continues to criticize coach Rex Ryan and openly questions his role.

Williams originally next season will take Bill's $19 million 900 thousand salary cap space. Cutting Williams will help Bill to save $12 million, still occupies $7 million. In 2012 he signed a 6-year contract, which is worth of $96 million. The decision for the team releases salary cap space for Cordy Glenn, who has been specified as franchise tag player. Williams is one of the most interesting players in the free agent market players. The other teams have to judge whether he just occasionally doesn't express his strength or his state has declined. Will his career recover?

We tend to think that the performance of the season is not suitable for Williams Ryan's defense system. In a correct defence system, Williams should be able to walk to the quarterback in the next few years. By the way, welcome to buy cheap and fast NFL coins at