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Brown Announced Dismissal of Head Coach and the Manager

[Jan 05 2016 GMT]

According to the news from, because of the team’s poor record, as soon as the 2015 season ended, Cleveland Browns announced the dismissal of head coach Mike Pettine and general manager Ray Farmer. But some players said the team's current situation is not fault of Pettine. And they chose to defend the coach.

As everyone knows there were continued problems on Brown’s offensive end this season. Not only the quarterback candidates have never been concluded, the fact that the offensive group overall don’t have high talent is also a problem. In addition, performance of the defensive end also plummeted. What lead to the current situation of Browns? What responsibility should Pettine bear?

Nflcoins still thinks that the team is a whole. If there is no one who committed mistakes serious enough to affect the performance of the team throughout the whole season, then the members should unite to bear the responsibilities together once there are problems. However, the reality is cruel. Because the head coach is core of the team, he has to bear the main responsibility. In the end, click here for Cheap NFL coins.