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Broken ball buried Warriors

[Mar 09 2017 GMT]

Recently, Thomas in the Celtics after losing to the media bombarded the team, especially the coach at this stage of the season is still in test squad play, rather than pay special attention to the outcome, which makes Thomas very dissatisfied. Although he also explained today, but as a team leader, he needs to Buy NBA 2K17 MT prove himself on the court.

The beginning of the green army did not play smoothly, was the early occupation of the initiative, the little Thomas's attack is not open. Half day after, Thomas began to shoot, hit consecutive outside help, green army gradually catch up with the score. Between him and the library you to attack each other to me is a lot of lens.

However, more personal mistakes Thomas, often his own dribble with a sudden errors and lost the ball, the warriors fight back.

Although the first quarter got 11 points, but the second section of the small Thomas feel down, a total loss of 3 investment, no score.

Into the second half, Thomas started scoring, he breaks through the basket, easy to a layup, the warriors with some defensive mistakes. And soon he continued to cut points, hit the warriors quickly called the suspension.

The two sides into a tug, although the defense Thomas gave poor performance, Thompson hit chance, but soon come back to attack, he will soon be on the head of Thompson finished with 3 points, this is the star quality.

However, the small errors in the busy Thomas mistakes still can not stop, which also affects the efficiency of his shot after the 3 shots he did not enter. Paratelum entered the final battle, Thomas constantly create for others the opportunity to attack, the green army hit a small climax, and 4 and a half minutes, Thomas himself is a strong investment hit 3 points, to further expand the advantage.