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Bridgend Tel Article 4 of the Dragon Emperor Sprint Opened

[Aug 11 2015 GMT]

Dear players: large theme activity "Stella battle Bridget!" Has been on the line, the majority of Aion Kinah players concerned. Activities "decisive battle! Bree Tel" the main line, into denial apathy, confusion time and space, the decisive moment of the three chapters, activities very rich players involved is very high. We also feel everyone's enthusiasm, and the activity is optimized.

This time, the theme activities in the most dazzling part --PART III decisive moment - the fourth of the Dragon Emperor Sprint - has been kicked off in August 5, the event you are bound to become the focus of competing guardian competing activities ?

Sprint in at 0:00 on August 5 until at 23:59 on August 18 were performance statistics, data day competition results will be updated in the next day at 6:00, August 5 before the data is only data display, is not involved in racing statistics, please pay attention to the players.

The game rewards, in addition to the first horse evil party rocket, also includes a fourth mad cool pull the wings of the Dragon Emperor, the Dragon Emperor series equipment and Kuna Si equipment, all rewards are all the team reward, equipment can be chosen position, so humane bonus, you heart it?

In addition, the first region-wide service team members will Buy Aion Gold receive a personalized title: Bridget Tel masters, the second team member will receive a personalized title: Bridgend Tel conqueror, third place team members will receive Personality title: Bridget Tel judge, to the elite squad players sprint it!

Tips: If you find any third party software, the team will be disqualified, that neither team available to all members of the screening results. Please consciously abide by rules on Guardian to jointly protect the green game environment.