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Bridgend Tel Article 4 of the Dragon Emperor Sprint

[Aug 10 2015 GMT]

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Time: 2015 7 29 - 23:59 on August 18

Challenge rules:
1. A copy of each entry team needs at least 12 people (12 in the same copy of the players before entering active)
2. Each time a copy of the required experience ≥30 minutes (or a copy of a copy of the exit time must be turned on from the moment more than 30 minutes)
3. A copy of the start timing criteria: a first team players into the copy starts upon.
4. Meet the above conditions can be accumulated one time experience count.
5. If not the way to kill the final BOSS challenge fails, also participate in this activity.
6. The activity data will be completed by 6:00 the next day after the update.
7. Inter-service copy of the service do not participate in this activity.

Points rules:
1. During the event, each team up with a non-repetition and challenge players a copy of the page you can get points, "decisive battle horn × 1".
2. Each challenge successfully defeated if the final form of human / dragon form Bridgend Tel will receive additional bonus points' battle horn × 10 ".
3. The activity data will be completed by 6:00 the next day after the update.

Special benefits:
During the event, the second and more successful experience karna Romana copy and complex challenge rules players can receive in the event page: Romana karna additional admission spell books × 1, each can receive a grand pass.