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Brandon Mashall Thinks Watt the Best

[Dec 03 2015 GMT]

When asked who is the best defensive player in history, Brandon Mashall doesnot agree with anyone except J.J.Watt. He highly appreciates J.J.Watt and says he is the best ever.

The New York Jets receiver said in an interview from that he didn't think there would be another Watt and he was the best one. Bruce Smith and Reggie White were quite good, but only Watt could conquer the offensive group. Not only because of his influence on the passing, but also the control of the ball. He was likely to appear behind the running back.

So far for this season, Watt has been ahead of other league players by 13.5 times quarterback sacks and the total sacks data reached 70.5 times. In addition, he has completed 5 arrays in his career, three of which are as offensive players, he has been as the year's best defender for 2 times.

Although many people do not agree that Watt is a historical best, it is hard to argue with him that Watt is not best defensive player in ecery game. By the way, click here to buy cheap NFL coins.