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Brady Set a New Monument

[Dec 05 2016 GMT]

Brady on the road leading to the Hall of Fame set a new monument. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams with 26-10. The victory for the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is great significance.

This is Brady career 179 regular-season victory. His career wins is 201 games, the total record is 201 wins and 61 losses. Before the game, he and Peyton Manning have achieved 200 victories. Manning spent 292 games to 200 wins, while Brady reached 201 wins only took 262 games. Manning and Favre both made 186 wins in the regular season, and Brady had 179 wins.

Since 2000 Brady has entered the league, he lost 7 games at most in 16 games. Since the 2010 season so far, the Patriots reduce the number of regular season defeated to 4 games.

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