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Brady May Continue Playing Several Years

[Feb 06 2017 GMT]

According to nflcoins, Patriots believe that 39-year-old Brady may continue playing at least another 3-5 years. They will start negotiation in the next offseason. Playing five-year ball will let Brady retire at the age of 44. His current contract expires in  2019 season.

Although this should not surprise anyone, it would be interesting to see Brady having a rough timetable for his future. Although the change in age and desire to play may suddenly allow players to decide to retire, Brady never conceal his plans at any cost to extend his career. Brady missed just one season because of injury. He missed four games this season due to being banned.

Despite missing four games this season, he still made 3554 yards, 28 touchdowns and only 2 pass by steals. He is still a potent contender for most valuable players this year, just like he did almost every year.

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