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Brad Stevens Will Stay at Boston Celtics

[Aug 11 2016 GMT]

According to where sell cheap NBA 2K16 MT, Brad Stevens promises that he will stay at Boston Celtics instead of returning to college. Stevens signs a contract extension with the Celtics this June.

Brad Stevens is a rising star as an NBA coach since he becomes the head coach of Boston Celtics in 2013. In terms of the team record and team building, Stevens has made outstanding contributions to the Celtics. He leads the team to advance to playoffs in his second year at Celtics. Besides, Celtics get Jaylen Brown and Al Horford this year, they have completed the team's rebuilding.

The team's promotion of the strength largely thanks to the contribution of Stevens, he let the team become a better one. He gives the players enough space to take advantage on the basketball court according to their own characteristics. 2kvc believe the Celtics will be better and better under Brad Stevens.